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Welcome to Treaty,
We specialize in delicious and healthy vegan handmade treats for dogs.
*100% vegan and natural
*Gluten free
*No artificial additives and colors
Healthy peanut butter dog treat
*Rich with vitamins, minerals and healthy protein
*Contain organic flour
*Handmade with love

Gluten Free

Many dogs are sensitive to gluten. To avoid digestive problems, the treats contain healthy and organic flours.


Each treat is handmade and prepared with love using natural and organic ingredients to pamper your sweet dog.

100% Natural

No food colorings or preservatives. Only good things you would be happy to give your beloved dog.

two dogs looking at a treat and drooling
White dog looking at a healthy treat
Black dog tastes vegan treat
We believe that we can treat our best friend without harming others.
Dogs are omnivores and need plant-based nutrients to lead a healthy life.
Our treats are 100% vegan and contain 100% natural ingredients.
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Barry and Liron

Our Barry indulges Treaty's treats. He is 13 years old and his teeth hurt a bit, that is why we love giving him the Peanut butter waffles, he doesn't leave even one crumb on the floor!


Maple and Cori

I was looking for healthy treat for Maple and all the treats I found at the pet store were highly processed and full of ingredients that I wouldn't want Maple to eat. We were very happy to find Treaty's treats, Maple really likes them, especially the waffle and the coconut.


Doyke and Dudy

​All the treats we brought Doyke would give him stomach problems, yet we wanted to pamper him. We happened to get Treaty's pretzel from friends, since then, it's a love story, Doyke has a tasty snack and we can treat him to something healthy.

All treats are baked with love using delicious and nutritious ingredients.
Help Treaty improve

If you've treated your dog to our treats, we'd love to hear what you think!

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